What mattress should I choose?

It is assumed that people with a body weight of up to 60 kg (most often they will be women or children) should choose a mattress with a degree of H2 hardness. Weighing between 60 and 80 kg, mattresses with H3 hardness are recommended. In the range of 80-100 kg, the H4 mattress will be a good solution. For those "best" J built, i.e. weighing over 100 kg, the H5 hardness would be the most suitable. However, how hard a mattress suits us is a totally subjective feeling. The same model can be considered by one person as soft and the other one too hard. It is necessary to keep common sense and find a golden mean, that is, a balance between preferences and what will be appropriate for our backs.

In bed, we spend 1/3 of our life, so choosing a mattress is extremely important! No, even the best sofa or sofa, will not provide this, because this kind of furniture is intended only for occasional use as a bed. They were invented to exploit them in the mainly sitting position. Unfortunately, users of small apartments in particular need to look for solutions that provide the right compromise between comfort during sleep and limited space. And here the surface mattresses produced by us will work perfectly, which even on an uncomfortable couch or sofa will provide a substitute for comfort.

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Choosing the right mattress

However, the right sleeping comfort is an investment in a healthy future! A well-matched mattress will take care of the condition of our spine and the general health condition for many years. The opinion is that a good mattress is a hard mattress. And the truth is that we can not go to extremes. The mattress can not be too hard or too soft. It is to be simply comfortable and make our spine maintain its proper, natural curvature.

People who often change their positions during sleep are recommended models with memory foam that actively adapts to changes and reduces shocks. This solution is especially recommended for couples, because it perfectly reduces any shocks, so the person sleeping next to you does not feel our movements. If we sleep mainly on the side, we need a mattress with cut out comfort zones, which will allow protruding parts of our body to delve into the foam and keep the straight line with the spine.

People who face various types of ailments may consult an orthopedic surgeon before choosing which one will determine how hard the substrate will be suitable for us. A properly selected model will help alleviate the disease, and most importantly, it does not affect the worsening of postural defects. Allergy patients should also take into account the condition of their airways and the properties of their skin and choose the right mattress for themselves. As far as dimensions are concerned, it is recommended that it is 20 cm longer than the person using it, and that free space should be left free on all sides.

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